Thursday, 6 August 2009

Day 99 - finally physio

I went to see a physiotherapist today. News not great for the immediate resumption of running. Instead I am going to have to undergo a regimen of core strength building, stretches and non-impact training. Any cardio work has to be restricted to cross-training and, if possible, treadmill running. Absolutly no running on asphalt for the moment.

The physio was nice enough - a little on the efficient side but when you are limited to forty minutes there ain't much time for the pleasantries. We went through a few movement exercises, she inspected my standing position, got me to stand on each leg independently, hop on each leg, walk around. She managed to detect a curve in my right leg which means I place too much of a strain on my groin muscles instead of letting the hamstrings do the work.

My exercises include some stair-based raising the leg from the toes, more calf stretches and a series of groin stretches that involve pressing as hard as possible on a towel folded between the legs. There is nothing so strange that I will not give a go at this stage!

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