Friday, 28 August 2009

Day 123 - goal-a-game Curry

Back to the football today, which is proving to be one of the most intensive training sessions I have. It is obviously different from the steady runs, requiring sprints, bursts of speed and changes of direction. It is decent interval training.

We started playing in an indifferent, low light and soon even that failed and we were playing my first game under the floodlights. A fine rain started to fall, its cooling drops augmented by a fresh breeze. We warmed into a fast paced game, and, for the second week in a run, I was on the winning team and scored a goal. Nothing much in that, but it feels like I am improving - I officially upgraded my performance from appalling to bad. If I try hard then by October I might even scrape in as mediocre!

Managed to spend most of the game on the pitch (only in goal for a couple of minutes until Yaz got injured) and didn't feel completely shot to pieces, so hopefully my fitness is coming back.

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