Sunday, 23 August 2009

Day 120 - Keeping on going

Type - Steady run

Distance - 3.8 miles

Time - 31 minutes 48 seconds

Feeling pretty strong today after my brief spell of tendinitis on my right Achilles tendon disappeared overnight. I think it might have just needed a break from cycling, as it came over a weekend at home when I was without my bike.

I set off on a perfect Sunday evening as the sun was dipping behind the houses but still bathing Clissold Park in a final burning glow. I ran a basic route, down to St. Paul's Road and back up Highbury Hill (map). I wanted to elongate it to make it a four mile route, and so added the loop past the Emirates Stadium and along Ambler Road.

Everything was working well except for my lungs - I had failed to take my Ventolin inhaler before running and was feeling the burn of constricted and wheezing wind pipes. It is a particularly annoying mistake, as, in all other respects, this was an enjoyable and textbook run with no complaints, niggles or pains.

By the time I got back to check the route it fell slightly short of 4 miles - I'll have to save that distance for the gym on Tuesday.

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