Thursday, 6 August 2009

Day 102 - Gym'll fix it

Type - Steady run

Distance - 2.5 miles

Time - 24 minutes 34 seconds

Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. Absolutely no racing to double digit running. No shin-splint endurance half-marathons. A slow, gentle build up of basic, core running strength and capacity before I start to increase the distance anywhere near five miles. More strength work, more focus on technique, more building stamina and losing more weight. This time I refuse to let haste ruin another two months of fitness training.

So, to the gym. I warmed up with twenty minutes on the cross trainer at a relatively decent intensity. Then moved on to the treadmill for a gentle warm up into a gentle run. After five minutes I increased the speed to a steady 10.5 km/h, with a 1% gradient to mimic the outside conditions (I don't want to forget that it is my ultimate aim to return to the wild).

It was painfree as far as the shin-splints and groin issues. After 25 minutes my legs began to weaken in strength, but that could be as much down to the pre-run cross training and the pre-gym cycle. And, of course, the fact I have been away from running for a while.

All in all a promising run. Now just to keep it up.

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