Monday, 31 August 2009

Day 128 - banking on the holiday

Type - Steady run

Distance - 5 miles

Time - 39 minutes 31 seconds

For a British bank holiday it has been a surprisingly sunny and pleasant weekend. The good weather burst into hot August sunshine in time for today, bathing the Notting Hill Carnival in brilliant and undisturbed sunshine. But that was for later. Before I headed out to west London I wanted to get in a five mile run.

I decided to enlarge my standard loop by taking in Lordship Road and half of Clissold Park before rejoining Green Lanes and heading down Pemberton Road to Highbury and then up back around Drayton Park and into a long loop along the streets near Digby Crescent (map).

It was warm outside, just before the noon-time intensity, but still warm enough when running in unshaded streets. I started warming up with a slower start, and then eased into the run. I haven't had any problems with my old injuries (the shin splints and groin strain), and today I wasn't bothered by any of the other niggles that have been bothering me recently.

I sped into a steady eight minute mile pace, gradually lengthening the stride and quickly soaking my running top in sweat. I tried to dodge into the shaded parts of the road, but, with the sun almost directly overhead, there wasn't much shade to be had. I eased into the run by mile three and had no breathing or stitch problems. Instead my legs felt a bit tired, but nothing that made me check my pace.

Once over the Blackstock Road I had another mile to go, weaving up and down the streets running parallel with the Blackstock Road. I sped up a little, and, once on the last stretch on Brownswood Road I broke into a sprint just to get the run in at under 40 minutes. When I pressed the button at 39 minutes 31 seconds it seemed that I was back on track with some proper running.

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