Friday, 28 August 2009

Day 125 - return of the Mac

Type - Steady run

Distance - 4.7 miles

Time - 37 minutes 18 seconds

My last outdoor run had gone well but for forgetting to take my inhaler - it had felt as though it would have been a cracking run if I hadn't spent half an hour wheezing around the four miles. I didn't want to repeat that mistake, and took my inhaler once I had got inside from cycling home.

This was going to be the first of my 'comeback' runs - back to a regular pattern of training, stretching and exercise. The road to today has been pretty long, and the recovery continues. I went to see the physio this morning and went though some additional strength routines that I need to do in addition to the training. But being able to run again feels fine.

I planned a four and one-third mile run, just a stready increment on last week's distance. The run was a fairly standard route, down Green Lanes and Pemberton Road, over St. Paul's Road and back up Highbury before doing the Drayton Park loop. I started off feeling a little bit stiff, and warmed up for the first five minutes or so.

And then the running style came back to me. Longer strides, pumping arms and regular breathing. By the time I got over St. Paul's Road I was running strongly.
I decided to increase the distance by backing on myself through Highbury Field (map) and going along Brownswood Road to the further end of Digby Crescent.

I was still going strong as I came down Highbury Hill and turned right to the Emirates Stadium and back along Drayton Park. I was running quick, long and steady strides and felt completely fine as I came towards the end of the run. I finished with a sprint along Brownswood Road and came in at 4.7 miles in just over 37 miles. This was a little over 7.5 minute miles, and a decent run by my previous standards.

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