Monday, 7 September 2009

Day 135 - alcohol fuelled running

Type - Steady run

Distance - 5.7 miles

Time - 44 minutes 01 seconds

I wasn't too sure how a morning run would go down today. I got back from Mark's stag in Brighton late yesterday, and had just about recovered. But I was still feeling a little woozy. I downloaded some new tunes for the ipod, and devised a route that would take in about 5.5 miles (map).

I set off strongly, pacing into a warm up for the first five minutes and then breaking into a quick first mile. I had added a loop around the back of Clissold Park that would add a first two miles before I got onto the usual Highbury loop.

I noticed that I was doing a good time as the miles clocked up. The running felt comfortable, with long, steady strides and a smooth arm action making it a quick and pleasant run. I had none of the issues that had bothered me before - certainly no complaints from my shins, but also nothing at all from the groin or hips.

By the last mile I was going strong with steady, long strides and a decent speed that I eventually built into a sprint for the last few metres. The result? At 44 minutes for 5.7 miles I finished with 7.7 minute miles, which was a pleasing run and marked something of a return to form. I still felt that I had the energy to push for something more.

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