Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Day 150 - an unintentional distance

Type - Steady run

Distance - 5.8 miles

Time - 44 minutes 43 seconds

I had measured out a 5 mile run on Gmap Pedometer that would take in the usual Highbury Loop with a now familiar Stoke Newington extension. The only problem is that now familiar Stoke Newington extension never seems to work out. Last time I took a right at Albion Road and added almost a mile to the run. Today I managed to miss Albion Road altogether and add 0.8 miles.

That said I didn't mind too much. I was running well today, with a measured and moderately quick pace. I had taken my ventolin, had my ankle secured and so had in place more protections than I had managed on Friday. Things felt smooth - no burning pain in the chest, no lack of oxygen and no cramps.

This was the first run of the 'winter' season - the evening runs now start out in the dark. This seems to add something novel to them, and certainly helps with temperature control.

I averaged 7.6 minute miles, so all in all a decent mid-week run.

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