Friday, 11 September 2009

Day 136 - and we continue ...

Not only did I do a decent run on my day off I also managed to go on a decent two and a half hour bike ride round central London - all in all a decent days exercise which certainly sorted out any lingering vestiges of hangover and sleep deprivation.

And so back to work. On bike, of course. And after work a decent session in the gym with an upper body resistance work out. I realised that I need to throw weights in to the mix, and did a decent session focusing on biceps, pectorals and upper back. Then it was onto the cross trainer for a nice 30 minute intensive cardio session.

Today also marked crossing over an important weight threshold. The past few weeks have seen me plunge below 100kg, and today marked the point at which I was no longer technically obsese! Okay, so it might seem strange to celebrate being merely overweight, but, in the scheme of things, it is an achievement. The next milestones will be truly impressive - down to a normal weight, BMI, waist measurement and figure. Rock on.

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