Friday, 18 September 2009

Day 146 - back to the river

Type - Steady run

Distance - 7.67 miles

Time - 58 minutes 57 seconds

I was feeling good about today's run. I was going to go straight from work, head down to the river and run along the Embankment (map). This was a long overdue return to the water - it has been months since I've done a run down there. Not since leaving the DWP and developing shin splints have I been able to enjoy the flat course, the wind from the river and the largely empty, wide pavements.

Today's run would have been excellent but for two serious oversights. I failed to take my ventolin inhaler before running, and I forgot my ankle support. These two things conspired to turn what should have been an enjoyable return to form into a bit of struggle. Rasping, wheezing breaths over an hour long course is no fun, and the occasional jolt to the ankle serious enough to remind you of the original injury is far from ideal.

The run was tough - I could feel my body crying out for more oxygen but, with the asthmatically reduced flow through the lungs, couldn't deliver. It made my legs heavier, dulled the running stride and ensured the early onset of tiredness.

That said I did manage to put in a fantastic performance. I had wanted to do seven miles in under an hour, and actually managed 7.67 miles in under an hour, turning in 7.7 minute miles. I am now looking forward to consolidating this next Thursday with a 7.5 mile run with all the proper aids in place.

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