Friday, 11 September 2009

Day 138 - on speaking too soon

I went to bed thinking that it had been a slightly unfortunate knock, but nothing too severe. I was hoping that the elevation, ice and compression would ensure that . In the morning I went over to Boots and bought an elasticated ankle support, and this made moving around a lot easier.

It was only when I got home and took the increasingly painful ankle support off that I realised that perhaps I had twisted my ankle a bit more seriously than I had thought (see picture above). A swirling maelstrom of purples, reds with an angry black centre decorated an ankle that had swelled well beyond its usual size. More disturbingly was a dark red inch thick, four inch long straight bruise beneath the ankle. Wrighty had said that this might develop, and was a sign of something more serious. It was only when I saw this that I thought I might be out of action for longer.

Still, there are small mercies. It is not painful to cycle, and I managed to power myself into and from work tonight. I don't think I'll be running this weekend, but I should be able to do some cycling and an upper body workout. It would, however, be nice to go a bit longer injury free.

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