Thursday, 3 September 2009

Day 130 - let it rain on me

The demise of summer and transition into autumn was clearly expressed in the weather. The bank holiday had basked under blue skies and a relentless sun. Switch into September and the cloud rolls in, building up to a torrential storm by Wednesday. We had been emailed the football teams by Simmo, and I had looked at the BBC weather rain chart with a touch of trepidation. Playing in a shower is quite refreshing. I wasn't sure what the drill was when it forecast thundering, driving rain.

The evening started with a sky pregnant with brooding, blackened clouds. The light failed, and a few drops fell outlined clearly against the intense light of pitch floodlights. I had changed into my football gear and was just doing a few stretches before the match. By the time the other players had arrived it was pouring down, thick globs of rain that soaked the pitch through.

If football be the food of love, then play on. And we did. It seemed to me that the teams were mismatched, and, unfortunately, I was in the weaker grouping. But after a thoroughly enjoyable clash of wills, we ended up in the lead and retained the lead through the match, ending two goals ahead. I ran around, trying, at the very least, not to damage our side's chances. Again, a great cardio-workout with sprinting and intervals a plenty. By the end, a rain and sweat soaked mess,and it was time to cycle home and get soaked again.

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