Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Day 144 - fantastic physio

After yesterday's calamatous cycle home I spent the day slightly numb and in pain. One upside was going to see a new physio about my ankle. A colleague and fulsomely recommended Danny Armitage at Central Health, and with BUPA covering my costs, I thought it was worth a shot. He had been nicknamed the 'solution' by those who had recommended him - a practical, no-nonsense approach combined with a deft manipulation of muscles and joints means he got results quickly.

He had a look over my ankle, and noted it was heavily swollen. He explained how the swelling was nature's way of starting a healing process, an air-bag to cushion the ankle against further damage. He thought it was a pretty classic sprain, but, after pulling, pushing and manipulating the tendons he didn't think the damage was too severe.

He worked over the ankle, discharging some of the fluid in the swelling and we did some exercises that quickly had the ankle feeling and functioning like an ankle again. I left with a literal spring in my step and felt incredibly positive about future training.

I went to the gym this evening for an all over upper-body resistance work out and a long, intense session on the cross trainer (40 minutes, 700 calories, much sweat).

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