Sunday, 31 January 2010

Day 279 - a new personal best

Type - Tempo run

Distance - 6.25 miles (10km) plus 2.5 miles warm up and warm down jog

Time - 41 minutes 19 seconds (10km)

My training schedule called for a 10km run to be done under 'race conditions', which I took to mean at speed and looking for a decent time. Perhaps better than a decent time, a personal best time for the ten k.

I would do a mile warm up (which I did around the back of St Pauls, finishing up on Cheapside), then a 10km 'race' (6.25 miles) which would take me down to the river, along to Westminster, out to the Embankment and then up Vauxhall Bridge Road (map), turn back round and finish the 'race' section at Whitehall Place. This would see me 1.5 miles from base, to be jogged.

The first few miles went well, picking up a decent time and getting to the half way point at about 20.5 minutes. This would see me get a 41 minute overall time, and, if I could manage negative splits, would see me get a sub-41 minute time.

But I couldn't. I put everything I had into the last half, but could not get the time down to that level. This run was the nearest I have come to throwing up after training, and I paused on Whitehall Place hacking deeply and holding off from decorating the street with the unfortunate outcome of my running.

Still, it was a decent enough time - and, with proper preparation, will be a personal best that I look forward to beating.

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