Sunday, 10 January 2010

Day 257 - dread the tread

Type - Treadmill run

Distance - 4 miles

Time - 37 minutes and 47 seconds

With the snow continuing to lie deep and crisp and even across all of north London, the prospect of a four mile slip and slide on the ice-clad pavements of Stoke Newington was hardly appealing. The fact I even considered doing it in favour of going to the gym gives some indication of my growing dislike of treadmill running. I used to be a confirmed gym runner, finding running outside next to impossible. This has now completely reversed, and even doing four miles inside is distasteful.

But it was the most sensible option. As well as doing a run I was able to push some weights and do 20 minutes on the cross trainer. The marathon plan suggested doing a slow four miles in 40 minutes, and I was minded to oblige by setting the average pace at somewhere around 10.2 km/h. Even at this slow pace it seemed hard going. It wasn't helped by my new running headphones singularly failing to cope with the copious amounts of sweat the inside running produced. Even so, I managed a decent enough time for a slow run, and did enough other cardio to make the trip feel worthwhile.

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