Sunday, 3 May 2009

Day 7 - resistance is not futile

Cross-training is an integral part of a comprehensive training programme, and today was the start of integrating this into my regime. I cycled into central London to the Central YMCA to use the elliptical trainer for half an hour. I have a London Fitness Network gym membership which gives me access to all the facilities of London's council and charity gym, pool and fitness facilities. Included in this network is the Central YMCA.

This is a big health complex and the heart of the UK YMCA movement. After Village People the YMCA gym sounds both daft and ridiculously camp. And it does have a big gay following, but it is a very serious gym. It is the best appointed facility I have used in London - a vast two level spread of CV and resistance machines, large studios and a central sports hall with everything from interval training, badminton and even juggling.

Today was a decent training session, nothing spectacular, but I am very aware of the risks of over-training and am consciously checking my desire to go further.

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