Sunday, 31 May 2009

Day 35 - high on a hill

Type - gradient / hill run

Distance - 3.5 miles

Time - 35 minutes

A repeat of last Sunday's gradient run on the treadmill, though this time at Central YMCA (and including the cycle to and from central London for some added cross-training benefits). I gingerly put the treadmill on to the hill training session, setting level 11 and was pleased by two things: firstly that the programme was not quite as painful as last week, and secondly that my blistered foot did not give me any gip.

I started off with twenty minutes on the cross trainer, nothing too difficult but at a high resistance level and more than enough to start me off on a sweat. I then moved to the treadmill, and did 25 minutes of the hill programme, and then managed another 10 minutes on the level but at a higher speed. I finished off at 3.5 miles, having burnt hundreds of calories and soaked myself in the process.

Back in the changing room, sodden t-shirt sticking like cellophane to my stomach, I pass an old guy who sees me dripping onto the floor and comments that I must have had a good work out. Yes, I think I did. It makes me feel quite pleased.

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