Sunday, 24 May 2009

Day 28 - intensivity

Type - gradient / hill run

Distance - 3.3 miles

Time - 30 minutes

Back to the gym today for a session on the treadmill. I decided to try moving to level 11, one notch up from over a week ago, and two notches up from the beginning of the month. Given the step up from level 9 to level 10 was pretty intense I limited myself to 30 minutes on moving up to level 11.

Before starting out I did fifteen minutes on the cross trainer, and then moved to the treadmill. The programme started at 11.8 km/h and then moved up to 12.5 km/h before starting to increase the gradient. This was over 1 km/h faster than the level 10 programme, and as the intensity increased, the extra speed really started to burn.

The speed decreased to 9.8 km/h (again, considerably faster than the previous levels), at a gradient of 8%. Breathing deeply, t-shirt slapped soaked with sweat, I wish the minutes away so that the programme would take me over the worst part and down to an easier cool down run. But at level 11 there is no easier part - the gradient falls away back down to zero, but the speed ratchets up again to 12 km/h.

I had planned to extend the run to 40 minutes, doing a steady 12 km/h on the flat for an extra ten minutes. By the end of the programme (30 minutes) I didn't have much in me left to carry on. I thought that the programme had given me a decent enough work out, and the machine said I had burnt over 700 calories, so I didn't feel too bad about finishing there.

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