Sunday, 31 May 2009

Day 34 - lidolicious

Another recovery day, but this time mixed up with a little varied cross-training. I woke early to meet Simmo at London Fields Lido. This is a heated outdoor pool (50 metres (164 ft) and heated to 25 oC) that is extremely popular in my Hackney-centred corner of London.

At 8am on a Saturday I didn't expect to see the place packed, but the promise of bright sunhine, warm air and a large swimming club meant the place was rammed. Not much productive exercise there, but good fun nonetheless.

Exercise came from a 12 mile cycle down to a friend's BBQ in Borough, riding via the Central YMCA for a thiry minute session on the cross-trainer at the higher resistance level. It is knackering, but feels good!

I must have undone the bulk of any good by having too much carbon-grilled meat, but with London basking in a heavenly pre-Summer warm spell, it seems rude not to indulge. Besides, it is all good protein.

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