Friday, 8 May 2009

Day 12 - personally trained

Type - steady run

Distance - 5 miles

Time - 42 minutes 15 seconds

I had arranged to run with Jarlath after work. Jarlath is much, much fitter than me, and after his multiple marathon exertions knows quite a bit about running. So tonight was running with a running partner, but also getting some invaluable tips on everything from pacing to stretching via nutrition and hydration. We had decided to run five miles, and Jarlath plotted a route that would leave LSE, head west along the Embankment until Lambeth Bridge, cross the river and then head east along the south bank until Southwark Bridge, over the river again and then back along the Embankment to Temple (map). He asked me what time I would like to do the five miles in, and I had to think. I had done four miles comfortably in 35 minutes, so 44 - 45 minutes seemed reasonable, if not overly ambitious.

From my past week's running I knew that I had to change my technique. I was running too fast, too soon and this was making it difficult to increase the mileage comfortably, and making the last mile of the run much slower and more painful than it should be. The focus today would be on pacing. We set off with a slow jog, having to correct an urge to go too fast. Running with someone more experienced is a great way of sorting out these issues, as the pace was very much dictated by his speed. Warming up for about five minutes, and then hitting a stronger pace as we approached Westminister, we increased the speed into a decent, but comfortable, pace. All the way to four miles and the running was comfortable, with the mildest burn to my calves and thighs, but then crossing the river again, climbing stairs at Southwark Bridge and climbing over the span of the bridge put paid to comfortable running.

Jarlath pushed the last mile much harder than I would have perhaps done on my own. This is another advantage of running with a stronger runner - it pushes you to achieve a great time, pushes you beyond just a good run to something that feels fantastic. That said I could have done without a final 200 yard climb from Embankment to the Aldwych! All finished at just over 42 minutes, and then into the gym to go over stretches, making sure that I was doing them properly, finessing them and suggesting additional exercises. Before today I would have emphasised the importance of pre-running stretches, but afterwards it is clear that it is all about the post-exercise stretching as the best way to avoid injury.

It is fast getting to the point now where i am going to have to consider properly my running schedule, ensuring there is enough rest periods, recovery exercise and proper nutrition. But for now a strong five miles finished the week off nicely.

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