Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Days 244 - 245 Shopping to London

On Sunday I went out to Manchester to go shopping. My weight has now fallen so far, with chest and waist sizes similarly plunging, that I don't fit any of my work or casual clothes. My shirts are ridiculously tent-like, t-shirts that you could wrap around me twice and trousers that need tight belts just to stay up.

So I got a new wardrobe. Size 16" collars on shirts (down from 17.5"), 34" waist trousers (from 38") and t-shirts to fit a size 40" chest (down from 48"). And it felt great - great to be able to shop for clothes and not be repulsed by the reflection in the mirror! It has taken a heck of a lot of effort to get to this point, and I wouldn't want to repeat it. So I won't.

Back to London on Bank Holiday Monday. I got in at 2pm and went to the gym for a decent work out on the cross-trainer and then twenty minutes on the treadmill.

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