Friday, 25 December 2009

Days 238 - 241 - Christmas week

I had intended to do a decent amount of exercise in the week before Christmas, anticipating some of the excesses that might come in the following week. The weather had other ideas, sending a heavy snow storm to London and making cycling all but impossible, and coating the north with thick snow and ice, making running at home difficult.
I managed to do a decent session on Wednesday in the gym before heading up to Preston for Christmas. I did half an hour of resistance training, 40 minutes on the cross trainer and a fifteen minute run at a relatively quick setting.
I was going to go for a run on Thursday, but the deep snow rendered this a treacherous and foolish idea. Still, we went out for a long walk on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and on Christmas Day the snow began to melt, so I managed to go out for an brisk and energising run.

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