Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Day 243 - bloody mindedness

Type - Steady run

Distance - 6 miles

Time - 45 minutes and 12 seconds

Boxing Day. Another Christmas dinner, this time courtesy of my sister and her husband, another bloated stomach and a another day of ice, snow and rain. Some of the snow had melted from the pavements, but not enough to allow me to run the whole distance on the side. It was safer and faster to run in the road and then dart on to the kerb whenever necessary. A bit more traffic today as people emerge from Christmas Day slumber and venture out to visit relatives.

It was cold. And drizzly. And then it was cold and wet. And then the heavens opened. Rain slamming down, bouncing off the tarmac, coating the ice in a slippery sheen and dripping off my clothing. It eased up for a while. And then threw it down for the last mile. I was absolutely soaked, and had to shove all my clothes straight in the washing machine. The last time I had a similar experience was getting soaked on a paper round and having to get changed in the garage.

But the run was good. It was good to get out on Boxing Day. It was good to get out in the frozen wind and rain. It felt like a pretty steady, even run, even though I wouldn't necessarily advise a long run on a stomach stuffed with a full roast dinner.

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