Monday, 21 December 2009

Day 233 - last game

After last night's run I hopped onto my bike hoping to compound a healthy feeling by cycling home. I managed to get as far as Rosebury Avenue where a pedestrian walked out in front of a bus and straight into my path.

An emergency stop, a collision, a flight across the street, a head smacked on tarmac, five hours in A&E and a broken bike were the result.

Shaken up, but not badly injured, I was back at work the next day, and back on the football pitch the next evening. It was awful weather, wintery showers and biting winds. It was no big surprise that the team before us didn't play, or that the ones booked in for afterwards didn't either. The result - over an hour on the pitch and a decent cardio workout.

We also took a photo as an end of year thing. It was my first team photo. I was absurdly pleased.

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