Monday, 22 June 2009

Day 57 - back on the road (by bike at least)

I had my bike fixed by another bike shop, and they recommended replacing the back wheel. Of course they did, when such a recommendation nets them a cool £150 plus £25 mechanics fee. But there was a logic to their argument, that if you are going to put a heavy load on the back wheel (and by this they meant the panniers rather than (but probably including) the rider), you need a wheel that is solid enough to take it. Otherwise buckling is going to be a perennial issue. The alternative wasn't much cheaper (£80 - £90 for a compatible road wheel), so I pushed out the boat. Heck, given I save £1,200 in travelcard expenses, showering my bike with the occasional bit of love and attention still amounts to a significant saving.

There has been a noticeable improvement in my legs after a restful weekend. It no longer stings to go up stairs, and I am not having to grip on to the handrail to haul myself up. I found myself taking two steps at a time, which really puts pressure on the calfs, without the expected protest from the abused muscles. The stretching, soaking and spraying regime continues, and I am hoping that I will be in a position to start some light running next week. In the meantime I am going to continue to rest, and perhaps work in some cross-training and then football on Wednesday.

Hopefully that will see me back in contention soon!

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