Monday, 22 June 2009

Day 50 - Sturm und drang

I had planned to go on a light training run with Jarlath today. Nothing too strenuous, a light jog in the park. Jarlath was working near New Bond Street, and so I arranged to meet him there and then head over into Hyde Park.
Things had not improved much since yesterday, and my legs were still screamingly painful. I took a few ginger steps, not so much running as a high speed shuffle. We managed to do 10 pained minutes before I admitted it was too much. The sky had clouded over with a thick, ominous grey to black sheet. The streets rumbled with a low thunder storm, and a few flashes in the sky confirmed the approaching storm.

Instead of a training run we had a long talk about recovery, stretching and injuries. I think the half marathon was far too much, far too soon. I kinda knew that at the time, but I wasn't quite as clear what the impact of it would be. I wasn't properly aware of how painful muscle strain and stress can be, and the impact it would have on training.
It was a useful session, with Jarlath demonstrating a range of stretching positions and telling me that it would be a good idea to have a couple of weeks off to let the body recover from what had been a jarring exertion on Saturday.
As the fat rain pelted the dry earth, releasing the charged, clean smell of ozone, I was inclined to agree.

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