Monday, 22 June 2009

Day 53 - the recovery starts now

Time to get serious on muscle pain. The stretching continues, as the most important conduit to bringing my legs back to running health. But today I have augmented it with a few choice products from Superdrug.
Heat pads - my lower back had hurt so badly that I thought it made sense to get some localised, heat-based pain relief. These pads, by the makers of Deep Heat, stick to the skin and then self-heat once exposed to air and provide 8 hours of continuous warmth. They do seem to do the job, and my back was a lot less painful after a few courses.
Deep Heat - Deep Heat spray for after strecthing - this pungent spray is a topical rubefacient heat rub which is familiar to anyone who has played sport at any level. But it was new to me. It creates a deep, warming to burning sensation in the muscles, and helps with muscle sprains and pains.
Ibuprofen - essential for the relief of muscle-based pain.
And, perhaps most importantly, stretching and rest from running.
It is all rather annoying, especially as, with my bike in for repair, I am not getting any real exercise.

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