Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Day 38 - pained

Just a light spot of cross training in the form of cycling to and from work. Which is probably a good job as, for the first time since I started training, I was in a bit of pain this morning. I had been slightly stiff on my run yesterday, but this had eventually loosened out after running for a while. This morning I woke up and found I had stiffened up to the extent that climbing the stairs was a stark trial. All the more worrying given the toilet is up the stairs.

All day whenever I have got up from my desk the first few steps have been stabbingly painful, and I've been shuffling to and fro. I started the day with some more stretches, and repeated them tonight.

I was planning a long run tomorrow evening, but think I will give it another day and go on Friday instead. Hopefully another day with further stretching and light cycling will loosen things up a bit.

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