Saturday, 17 October 2009

Day 166 - 171 - ain't nothing going on but the rent

It took a few days to recover from what had been an amazing run. One thing that didn't recover was my iPod shuffle which, after being soaked in the storm, succombed to water damage and gave up the ghost. I tried the online Apple recovery programmes and playing around with it but, ultimately, there is a limit to how much I am going to worry about a £30 MP3 player.

It did get me wondering how I would protect any replacement in the future. With winter round the corner and training runs getting longer the chance of keeping equipment rain free seems minimal. So I bought a waterproof MP3 holder, a rather nifty piece of kit which promises to enable swimming with the MP3 player safely encased in a protective plastic membrane, a headphone jack sealed into the design. We shall see. I also got a replacement Shuffle, in the same metalic blue. Its all as though nothing happened.

Spent the weekend and the surrounding days doing a variety of fitness related activities - the gym, cycling, but decided to have a little rest from the running.

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