Tuesday, 6 October 2009

164 - a return

Type - Tempo run

Distance - 4 miles

Time - 29 minutes 19 seconds

I felt absolutely awful this morning. I looked out at the heavy, slaten sky - dull clouds pregnant with heavy rain and watched as the water splashed off roof tops and windows. I entertained the notion of donning waterproofs and braving the elements, and then decided that just getting back to work after being ill was enough and the bus would do fine.

I felt distinctly worse when I got to my desk, a creeping, insidious tiredness that drooped heavy eyelids. I felt exhausted to the core, unable to concentrate and about to go home early. And then. And then. Thank god for the and then. By 3pm I felt considerably better - picked up in under an hour. I had entertained the idea of going home at 4pm after a meeting, but surged with renewed enthusiasm in to the evening. I would finsih my work, and then go home for a run.

So that was the evening yang to the morning's yin. I got home and put on my running kit. I decided to go for a tempo run tonight and then try for a longer run tomorrow evening. I sped off, feeling surprisingly limber and nimble. And then I remembered - I had forgotten (once again, damn you) to take my inhaler. At this pace it wasn't long before my breathing became restricted and I was wheezing through desperate, pained intakes of air. But it was only a four mile run. I would be alright. By the middle it didn't feel so good, so I just adopted a race pace. But, as a mirror to the day, by the end I surged, striding the last mile and sprinting the last few yards to get in under half an hour.

I ended up with seven minute twenty second miles, which felt pretty good considering the stupid initial mistake. Which I hope not to repeat.

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