Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Day 165 - let it rain on me

Type - Steady run

Distance - 8 miles

Time - 59 minutes 53 seconds

I was geared up and prepared for tonight's run. I had remembered my inhaler, had eaten properly during the day and was properly hydrated. And then it rained. Not a refreshing autumnal shower, but a wintery, wind-blasted deluge that did not ease up for the entire run. It was dark by the time I got out of the office, and the umbrella festooned streets, bent, hurrying commuters and flurescant orange glow from street lamps finished off any lingering summery memories prolonged by the warm September.

I had planned a run (map) that would finish up between 7.5 and 8 miles, with the option to take it to 8 miles if I felt up to it. I would warm up heading down Fetter Lane towards Fleet Street, down to the Embankment and then a simple river run to Chelsea railway bridge and then back. Despite the wind and rain I was running well - a measured, steady pace that brought me into a 7.5 minute mile pace and into the halfway point at a few seconds past 30 minutes.

Turning around and the rain finally finished off my exposed and delicate iPod Shuffle. It spluttered in the first chorus of Rihanna's Don't Stop the Music and wouldn't restart. The last three miles would be done without the encouraging beat of high energy music, and only the drumming rain on my forehead, the wind screaming past my ears and the constant roar of traffic would interupt the quiet. I will have to investigate a waterproof case for the winter. This is just the start of a new round of equipment purchases that the change in season will require.

The last mile finished up along the embankment, before a half mile ascent to the end of Fetter Lane. I was bang on target for a sub-hour finish, but needed to maintain the pace with burning legs and deep, heavy breaths.

And I did. With literally seconds to spare I made a last, flailing and undignified sprint for the finish. I looked stupid, I was soaked and aching, but it was worth it. Back on track, back on form and hopefully back for good.

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