Saturday, 24 April 2010

Day 351 - running like a happy dog

Type - steady run

Distance - 6 miles

Time - 45 minutes 36 seconds

The best thing about my new Garmin GPS watch is that it allows you to run wherever you want. No Gmap Pedometer routes. No remembering mile markers. No directions. Freedom.

I hadn't quite appreciated how potent this would be until I went for tonight's run. I set out towards St Pauls, and then decided I would go over the Millennium Bridge, around Borough and around the City. Whenever there was a traffic light or a busy road crossing I didn't need to stop - I could just go another direction.

I can now run wherever I want, whenever I want. Obviously I could have done this before, but this time I have my times and distances accurately (well, pretty damn accurate if not 100%) recorded.

Running World had advised runners to try and run like a happy dog to remember how much fun it could be. I was one happy canine to

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