Sunday, 4 April 2010

Day 331 - requiem for a trainer

Farewell then, my old faithfuls. You've been there from the start, a constant companion, source of unfailing support and comfort. But now that support is starting to fail, and the comfort is increasingly questionable. Yep, its finally time to replace my trainers. And, it appears, not a moment too soon. I've wracked up 576.75 miles on the original Brooks.

576.75 miles is a far old distance. Its enough to take you from London to Inverness (and by a roundabout route at that) and still have enough miles to do decent marathon around the city.

Alternatively, in a straight line, it would get you from London to Berlin, Bilbao or Turin.

Nothing particularly exciting about the replacements - another pair of size 9 wide Brooks Adrenaline GTS. They've tinkered with the colours, and they look dazzlingly white compared with the older trainers. But they are essentially the same.

But I've popped the old trainers in a box in my cupboard at work, just in case I need a pair and forget them. So its not really farewell. Just au revoir.

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