Sunday, 4 April 2010

Day 333 - 337 - Inbetween the long runs

Type - Interval training

4 mile jog, 0.5 miles fast, 400 metre recovery x 6, 3 mile jog

Distance – 10.5 miles

Time - 1 hour 22 minutes

Didn't have much time between the long run on Saturday and Good Friday's marathon bid for training whilst ensuring I had sufficient recovery time between these two long runs. This meant Wednesday would be my only training run this week, and so I decided to combine some steady running with some interval training.

So off to Clissold Leisure Centre, where they've expanded their cardiovascular offering by opening the Running Zone, a lower-level room full of running machines. The bank of treadmills in the main gym have been retained, but now have little signs encouraging runners to stick to 20 minutes in busy times and, if a longer session is envisioned, to use the Running Zone. So I headed downstairs. I like the idea, and there are lower-level changing rooms as well. Slightly strangely there are no water coolers as far as I could see, but if and when they correct this it will be a perfect set up for long runs (especially in the winter if next year is a repeat of this year's ice nonsense).

Did a few miles at a steady pace (hitting the required 8.5 minute miles that make up my race pace) and then set off on the higher speed intervals. These were pretty intense, reaching a maximum speed of 20km/h, which is just the speed at which your legs start to fly underneath you and you are on the cusp of losing control. It would be pretty nasty to be thrown from the treadmill and smash against the wall, taking whatever mangled remains are spewn from the machine, so I probably won't repeat that too many times.

Good session, felt really positive after leaving.

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