Saturday, 24 April 2010

Day 348 - watching the run

Type - steady run

Distance - 14 miles

Time - 2 hours 9 minutes 19 seconds

First proper run since being ill, and it became a run of two halves. I was intending to head up along the canal - a new favourite since doing the marathon last week. I also had a new toy to play with. A serious piece of kit, and something which was about to revitalise my love of running. The Garmin Frontrunner 405CX is not exactly cheap (mine cost about £230, but the rrp is about £399), but it is bloody good! A GPS based navigation system with more features than you could possibly use in a lifetime. But the biggest advantage is freeing the training runs from the monotony of plotted routes, mile markers and remembering all of the directions.

The run should have been fine, but I messed up on a few first principles. I forgot to take my inhaler, forgot to bring the sweatband and generally was not in the right frame of mind for a long run. Although a significantly shorter distance than the marathon, I was still proposing a 14 mile run. I eventually decided to cut it short, and headed home to take my inhaler and then head out for a better second half.

This second half saw everything come together - it was a nice run and a nice reintroduction to running after an unfortunate forced slow down in to my tapering.

One of the best things about the Garmin is the wealth of data it produces for download on to the computer and into the webpage - and

After the London Marathon is done, I won't have to keep a log anymore - everything will be done automatically.

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