Monday, 22 February 2010

Days 294 – 296 – football fun

I had to miss a training run on Tuesday due to work commitments. And, to be honest, I was still feeling the burn from Sunday’s training run. It turns out that my spiel on preparation was more pertinent than I could have imagined, but that it applied as much to post-running procedure as it does to the pre-planning and during the race.

I was absolutely shattered. And wasn’t feeling too perky on Tuesday. This is not how training is supposed to go – I was looking forward to feeling healthy and energised. Feeling only just on the barely living side was not in this plan!

Still, back in the game by Wednesday for football. It was a great game, and I am starting to find my feet in defence. It is a decent work out, fast speed interval training that, although lacking the form of the gym sessions, is probably more effective because the pace of the game requires giving everything you have.

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