Monday, 22 February 2010

Day 297 – Intervals

Type - Interval training

1 mile jog, 0.25 mile fast, 200 metre recovery x 10, 1 mile jog

Distance – 5.75 miles

Time - 47 minutes and 24 seconds
Back to Clissold Leisure Centre, where it is all change. Since its reopening the leisure centre has been really popular – the facilities (aside from slightly cramped and too warm changing rooms) are top notch. It has become a victim of its own success as the gym area becomes crowded at peak times such as after work, and there are frequently queues for treadmills. Management have tackled this by bringing in extra equipment and having a general move around. Eight new treadmills now stand next to the existing twenty. I started to use one of the new ones, but they are the paired down version of the originals and don’t have a distance measure. So I quickly got off to use one of the original machines. Still, an improvement – it will mean less time spent in queues.

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