Thursday, 30 April 2009

Day 4 - And on the fourth day ...

… he rested. Alright, so I didn't make it to a biblical seventh day, but incorporation of proper rest periods is almost as important in a long-term training plan as the exercise itself. Whilst some people find themselves at the starting line of a marathon having massively underestimated the challenge and having failed to train, many more overtrain to the point of exhaustion, injury or giving up. This is going to be a long, long programme, and so having proper rest is vital.
That said, even my rest day involves 10 miles of cycling to and from work, so I am not feeling too guilty about a lack of exercise today. I am also feeling pretty knackered, so squeezing out a cross training session today (which was the original plan) would be neither sensible nor pleasant.

I will be developing my programme as I go, but at the moment I think the plan will look something like:

Saturday - steady run
Sunday - cardio cross training and weights
Monday - fartlok / interval training
Tuesday - cross training and weights
Wednesday - steady run
Thursday - complete rest
Friday - hill run

The only days of back to back running will be Friday into Saturday, but Friday's hill run will be a slower run on a high gradient (probably treadmill based, at least to start with). Saturday allows for a longer recovery period and time for further distance to be covered.

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