Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Day 3 - Ian Curry and the case of the missing iPod

Missing. One iPod shuffle. Second generation, 1 gigabyte. Brushed metallic silver finish, with a pair of black JVC marshmallow headphones.

Answers to the name of Shuffles.

In one of those smack your head hard, venting powerless frustration at your own stupidity, moments of sudden and awful realisation I noticed my brand new iPod shuffle was missing. I had started looking for it just before 10pm, thinking I would have left it on the kitchen table, put it on the sofa or hid it in a jar of sugar. By 10.10pm I started to wonder whether I had lost it. Did I wear it after my work out? Did I wear it walking home? In the shop? The last place I could remember clearly was it sitting at the back of locker number 9 in the men's changing room at Clissold Leisure Centre.

Eventually, after the frantic, random and futile searching I accepted it wasn't hidden in the toaster or behind the fridge. And it was too late to call the leisure centre. I would have to go in the morning to see if it was still in the locker, or had been handed in. Right up until I got to the centre in the morning I maintained a certain faith that some decent soul would have handed it in, or that the cleaners would have picked it up and put it in an appropriately safe lost property area. It was only the faintest flicker of hope, the idea that some karmic balance would be restored along with my iPod. But no. It was gone.

Either it just got lost in the way small things sometimes do or, more malignly, some Stokey-based scroat is now enjoying a discordant mash-up of Scouse house and trance and having his ears tainted by my own ear wax.

Update - the new tax year, with new tax thresholds, saw my pay rise by £38 per month. This somewhat lessened the sting of forking out £46 for a new iPod Shuffle and ear phones. I could never replace Shuffles, so I bought one in a glorious, bouncy blue which will match my shorts. It is a new beginning and, whilst his predecessor will not be forgot (at least until the weekend), I am looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

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