Sunday, 8 November 2009

Day 192 - a decent six

Type - Steady run

Distance - 6 miles

Time - 44 minutes 14 seconds

I set off after work to fit in a steady six miles, running from work, down to the river and along until Tate Britain and back. The first section of the run takes me down Fetter Lane, along Fleet Street and then down to the river. It is downhill, and it is difficult to moderate with a warm up pace and not to overdo the speed. I went too fast, and would spend most of the rest of the run trying to keep a more measured pace.

My legs started aching after a couple of miles, a really deep pain at the top of my quads which had started after Saturday's long cycle. I carried on, but never really broke into a comfortable stride. I was pretty glad to have finished the run in 44 minutes which, although not the blistering 42 minutes I had done with Jarlath, was not bad.

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